As an owner of a startup, you are probably looking to exponentially grow your business revenue or brand awareness for your products or services. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar or an online business, the digital sphere is key for you to get noticed. There is a high chance your potential customers are already online, and if you have a website set up, you are on your way to build a solid online presence!

But a website is not enough to attract customers. Instead of waiting for your audience to find you, there is a way to bring attention to your startup – and that is through SEO. To put it simply, SEO or search engine optimisation leverages organic search engine results to increase the quantity and quality of traffic going to your website.

Here are some SEO tips that will get your startup on its way to a promising online growth.

1. SEO Strategies

Before you start on SEO, ensure that you have proper SEO strategies in place. This includes optimising your website with the right keywords. Such a practice will fetch better results as it clearly informs search engines of the nature of your startup through targeted keywords.

2. SEO Goals

As with any long-term plans, setting marketing goals and working towards them will save time, money, and reduce the stress of figuring steps along the way. You should look into incorporating SEO into your business plans and brainstorm ideas for keywords you want to target in relation to specific locations. SEO also depends on your startup’s business goals and competitor analysis. Thus, having an intimate knowledge of the competition within your niche will help you figure out how to rank well on search engines.

3. Budget for SEO

SEO can bring you profitable returns if you have the money to invest in it. By investing towards content generation and page optimisation on your website to rank for specific keywords, you can expect the traffic resulting from the investment to convert into genuine leads and ultimately more sales.

4. Create a Strong Foundation

Normally, most visits to blogs come from organic search. This is why you need to have SEO at the core of your website. Just like how having a strong foundation ensures a building’s survival, a strong SEO foundation will set your website up for greater reach.

5. Reduce Page Load Speed

Most internet users search for things they want to know on search engines. This is where your startup, along with competitors in your same field, will be displayed. Hence, it is important to focus on minimising the load time of your website. If any of your web pages require a long time to get running, there is a high chance that the audience will not wait for it to finish loading and will move on to your competitor’s website, thus losing potential customers.

6. Set Up A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly websites are a growing trend and online businesses should work to build this feature. With an increase in the number of users accessing websites and search engines via their phones, creating a website that loads quickly on mobile devices caters to this group of people.

7. Competitive Research

Competitive research is like the goldmine which helps you to learn more about your area of work while getting a better sense of your industry. Analysing your direct competitors’ work may allow you to generate more ideas on SEO and creates more chances to get the best SEO results.

SEO does not have to be complicated. Try the steps above to grow your business online and start getting better visibility via SEO.