‘Digital Marketing’ is a familiar terminology in today’s online world. The implementation of digital marketing practices will improve your brand’s visibility and build brand awareness in cyberspace. To succeed in marketing, you need to be forward-thinking. But to stand out and raise your profile as a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, you must be competitive. The Republic of the Philippines, situated in the western Pacific Ocean, has a population of 108.8 million, amongst which, 73 million are active social media users.1 On average, an individual spends close to 10 hours on the internet, 5 hours watching television and using social media.1 98% of users are occupied watching online videos, 80% watch vlogs, and 84% listen to music on live streaming services.1

Social Media Behavior and Penetration

YouTube, watched by 95% of the total population, is the most popular platform for digital video marketing. Different video ads – promotional, educational, informational, and behind-the-scenes videos – are watched, shared, and followed by the people of Philippines.1 Apart from commercial ads and educational videos, video blogging and infographic videos are also recommended video marketing practices consumed by locals.

Similarly, the world’s most popular app, Facebook, also takes the lead in digital video marketing as 96% of the population, or 70 million users, are active on this platform. Digital users explore brands, products, reviews, comments, and the best services on Facebook, e-commerce portals and scour other websites for comparison.1 The approach of Filipinos is to check the necessary information on social media platforms before purchasing. They follow business pages, consider published information, and compare reviews and comments to help them make a decision. Moreover, people in the Philippines watch broadcasts, live streaming, Facebook Live, and other video content on this platform. They do not mind watching ads that appear on Facebook or on other online platforms. They welcome related ads that pop up which are considered educational and informational toward their decision-making process. Hence, posting bumper ads on YouTube or informative ads on Facebook can open doors to more leads and enhance online visibility of your business.

Facebook Messenger is the next best channel for digital promotions. Automated messages that interact in a way similar to chatbots, is a seamless medium for hassle-free conversations and network-building. Content or updates accessed on Messenger result in high open rates, more so than via emails. This platform also helps consumers contact business owners directly and efficiently. In addition, sending reminders, getting feedback, engaging participants during live streaming events and more are available on Messenger with just a click.

Next is the visual app, Instagram. Used by 11 million Filipinos to view high-definition images, watch IGTV and live video content, this platform helps digital marketing agencies to share commercial ads, promotional content, and exhibit the competitive concept of visual search.1 Using targeted posts, GIFs, video content, hashtags and more, businesses are able to reach potential customer segments and build a competitor business network. Reposting is also one of the latest tools on Instagram which helps companies to link up with famous personalities and enhance visibility. For the Philippines, the targeted segments for Instagram lie in the age group of 18 to 24 year-olds and 25 to 34 year-olds, followed by 35 to 44 year-olds, and thirdly 13 to 17 year-olds.

Another standalone medium is WhatsApp – only 30% of the country uses it. Although Filipinos do not favour WhatsApp, this app operates similarly to Facebook Messenger in which automated messages, templates, and images are shared through personal accounts.1 This helps companies to build business networks and improve accessibility to customers. Short videos and GIFs are shared with potential consumers and tracking user behavior becomes more efficient.

Competitive Marketing Mediums

Ephemeral content to enhance user engagement

Ephemeral content is any rich media that lasts for a very short time but captures people’s attention within minutes. One strategy of using ephemeral content for businesses is to regularly update their accounts by posting short videos on all of the top four social media platforms. Some examples include IGTV videos or Instagram stories. This inspires followers to watch and click on the content linking to a corresponding webpage. This method not only helps to track the number of active and potential viewers but also helps to generate leads.

Reach massive potential audience through Influencer Marketing

Many e-commerce platforms and digital advertising agencies promote their businesses on social media through influencer marketing. Depending on the required volume, engagement, and number of followers, you can choose between mega-, macro-, and micro-influencers to meet your business marketing plan and budget. This is a useful method to draw attention and get leads as 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities, 86% of women turn to social networks before making a purchase, and 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media referral.

Create hassle-free reports and analysis through Social Listening Tools

Businesses can get a competitive advantage by tapping on the concept of ‘social listening’. Hootsuite, BuzzSumo and many more tools help in hassle-free report generation and tracking of views, comments, shares, and user interactive activities. This method helps business owners to know their potential customers, retarget them to procure leads, and revise strategies to achieve better results. This is an effective practice to reach a larger target audience, monitor the trends of internet penetration within the country and grow the number of social media followers.

Linking E-commerce and Social Media to shop online

96% of the Philippines population search for products or services on the e-commerce portals after viewing reviews and comments on social media, while 76% make online purchases, namely 10% via the use of credit cards, 42% via bank transfers and approximately 1% through e-wallets.1 The remainder finds information online or on social media and engage in offline shopping, in which 47% use traditional cash transactions.1 Therefore, pop-up ads on online banking mediums, display ads, and banner ads on the e-commerce portals are the best way to penetrate this sector.

Latest chatbots for instant lead generation

Besides online messaging boards, the usage of chatbots is increasing in the Philippines. On this platform, businesses are able to meet potential consumers, and through the automatic conversations facilitate conversions. Hence, chatbots are effective in creating quick and organic conversions, especially on social media and websites. The AI-enabled bot not only responds to the user but also tracks and gets information on consumer behavior such as apps used, the user’s active platforms, interests, preferred practices, alerts, and more. Such data provides important insight into your consumers.

Accelerated Artificial Intelligence(AI) to track user’s behaviour

Diving deeper into technology trends, the same AI is also used for voice search and visual image. Pop-up ads and banner ads are the best modes of penetration on these platforms. Users view the ads and if interested, click on it, and are redirected to a landing page. This not only makes way for brand awareness but also increases the traffic to and on the website.

Share updates and knowledge through drip email marketing

Well-known practices like email marketing and drip email marketing allow consumers to read and share the educational content or information. These methods allow businesses to connect their recommended services to their consumers. 49% of the Philippines love to read emails from their favourite brands and over 50% of the potential leads appreciate personalised emails such as those addressed with their names.2 The exciting fact is that email marketing has 9% higher conversions for pay-per-click campaigns and 8% for display ads. It is also the third largest practice that caters to a B2B audience, sharing business messages and newsletters.


In addition, other familiar digital marketing modes like SEO, directories, book markings, image sharing on websites, guest blogging, infographic blogging, powerpoint submissions on websites, and forums like Quora spread brand awareness and enhance reach. The Philippines is a competitive market with advanced resources and competitive digital awareness. Hence, the latest and upcoming marketing strategies like voice search, AI, Chatbots, influencer marketing along with social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and display ads must be strategised to penetrate this competitive digital marketing landscape.


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