Equatre is a top PR firm in Southeast Asia which nurtures talents who EXCEL in their profession, are ENGAGED with the community, able to ENERGISE brands, and EXCITE consumers. 

Equatre is an integrated marketing company that provides compelling, consistent, and creative communications through media and public relations services and digital marketing strategies. We started in 2017 as a talent management company working with national athletes but has since branched out into brand activation, expanding its capabilities to meet the growing marketing demands of the various industries, and adapting to the ever-changing digital media landscape. We stay at the top of the most relevant trends and methodologies to craft strategies that best match the needs of your brand.


With the rise of author-publishing platforms and social media platforms, brands can collaborate with connected individuals and influences whose published content carries significant clout amongst niche audiences. We develop compelling and effective strategies that align messages and bring objectives to fruition.

Added Value

We value add to your brand by coming out with 360° solutions from a unique point of view.

New Platforms

We leverage on existing tools and create new platforms to suit every brand’s needs to engage the audience.

Capable Team

We assemble a team capable of complementing your internal team and delivering beyond expectations.