Equatre is an integrated marketing agency that provides compelling, consistent, and creative communications through public and media relations and digital marketing strategies.

One of the best public relations agencies in Singapore, we stay atop of the most relevant trends and methodologies to craft strategies that best match the needs of your brand.

We started in 2017 as a talent management company working with national athletes but has since branched out into brand activation, expanding its capabilities to meet the growing marketing demands of the various industries, and adapting to the ever-changing digital media landscape.

We live and breathe the art and science of integrated marketing. We like visuals and words, but we also like to have fun.
And we know you can have it together.

Bringing Teams Together

We assemble a team capable of complementing your internal team and delivering beyond expectations.

Market Analysis

We conduct market research to understand your market position and competitors. Providing detailed analysis your brand, identifying strengths and finding opportunity to positive messages, and translating those messages into positive media stories.

Our Services

If you are wondering what you can do or how you can pivot to keep your business afloat and maintain your competitive edge, ask us today!